When I grow up I want to be Carine Roitfeld


When I grow up I want to be Carine Roitfeld.

Along with Julia Sarr-Jamois, Taylor Tomasi Hill and Jenna Lyons she is way up there with people I aspire to dress like, and ACTUALLY WANT TO BE IN REAL LIFE.

Carine Roitfeld is a global fashion icon - model, muse, writer, stylist, magazine editor, visionary. Having spent 10 years at the helm of Vogue Paris, in the much coveted Editor-in-Chief post, she moved on from her impressive tenure to create her very own magazine, CR Fashion Book. Her fashion tome 'Carine Roitfeld - Irreverent' is an opulent visual history and is desperate to be seen on my coffee table (hint hint, anyone who is reading). Karl Lagerfeld once said that 'If you close your eyes and imagine the ideal French woman, it would be Carine Roitfeld' and I concur with Karl.

For me personally, Carine made it perfectly, unapologetically acceptable to wear a faux leather pencil skirt with stilettos in broad daylight - but mon dieu, does she do it with class. She knows the art of balancing sexpot with cult fashion figure is to pair the leather with a cashmere jumper, a snug fitted t-shirt, or mannish tailoring - rather than a deep V which, let's face it, can take the look to whole different level.

CR is back on my radar because she has turned her talented hand to collaborating. It may seem an unlikely association but the 40-piece Carine Roitfeld for Uniqlo collection is unleashed at the end of October 2015 and je suis trés excité.  This is her first collaboration with a brand, and the Japanese giant with its affordable prices, smart casual wear and advanced approach to fabric technology creates a befitting partnership.


The ad campaign, shot by Steven Meisel, provides delicious insight into what we can expect from the range. It mirrors Carine's impeccable elegance perfectly. Simplicity, sleek lines, super chic proportions - all interweaved with CR's magic. She explained in a recent Grazia article - 'I'm very picky. I want my skirt this length, my sweaters are this neckline, the coat is to be a bit shorter than the skirt... My skirts have pockets... I have these little tricks'. Oh to be in the know with these little tricks.

The pieces are to be worn TIGHT FIGHT. The collection is predominantly black (natch), features bountiful punky studs and eyelets and includes the requisite Faux Leather Skirt (£39.90). The fit of the rock'n'roll Carine Faux Fur Coat in leopard (£129.90) is stunning. May I have it now please? My other favourite pieces are the saucy Carine Flocky Printed Long Sleeve Blouse (£39.90) and the snuggly fitting Carine Wool Blended Tight Skirt (£29.90).




I really, really want the Carine Graphic Short Sleeve T-shirt which features a striking illustration of CR's face, but fear it will become a cult piece and at £14.90, will go in a flash.


The accessories are a sure-fire way to add a touch of Parisian insouciance. The Carine Tights are monogrammed with CR at the ankle and the Carine Eyelet Belt - depending on whether wide or skinny is your belt-style of choice (for me, it's wide) - have chunky eyelets as the name would suggest and come in at £14.90. I am all over the Carine Silk Tie - presented in polkadot, leopard print or Cami also at £14.90 and will be nonchalantly sweeping one around my neck.


I have fallen for this collection in a big way. I am awaiting 29 October 2015 with nervous, bated breath. Carine Roitfeld for Uniqlo offers people who are not CR the chance to be a bit CR; to waft down the road in something alluring and pretend to display some fabulous French equanimity. It is liberating, chic and on-point.

It will sell out, and I'll be left with the tights, I know, but a girl can dream. See you in the queue.

Carine Roitfeld for Uniqlo is available from the Regent Street store, London and online at uniqlo.com from Thursday 29 October 2015.