A Sentence a Day - 27 January 2015


In 2015 I will be writing a Sentence a Day. You can read more about why here.

Today is the 27 January 2015.



What is one thing nobody knows about you*?


I retain song lyrics with only a couple of listens required; after a few too many drinks (two) I fancy myself as a rap superstar and can recite the entire lyrics to MC Hammer's U Can't Touch This upon request - becoming especially magic on the mic with the 'It's Hammer go Hammer It's a Hammer yo Hammer and the rest go and play. ' bit.


1. Close friends know this about me, unfortunately for them.

2. I am available for hire at parties, weddings, Christmas dos etc. Hire fee negotiable. Get in touch.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=otCpCn0l4Wo]