A Sentence A Day - 18 January 2015


In 2015 I will be writing a Sentence a Day. You can read more about why here.

Today is the 18 January 2015.



Who do you look up to?


Emma Gannon, a social media editor and journalist who writes the terrific Girl Lost in the City; it is an intelligent, hilarious and accessible blog with brilliantly composed posts and she has achieved a great deal in her career to date.

It has also given me the guts to 'write as I think' and pepper my blogs with a good old swear word every now and then, as Emma does so well in her blogs. Sometimes, only an obscenity will do (as long as it's surrounded by substance in my mind). Tonight I used the naughty words 'shit' and 'arse' in my post 'Feeling Foxy and Sweaty' without a second thought. Thank you Emma.

Girl Lost in the City