A Sentence a Day - 3 January 2015


My sister Michelle and her husband Craig gave me this beautiful journal as a Christmas present from Kikki K in Sydney - A Sentence a Day.

They know I'm a sucker for stationery. It provides a beautiful space to capture the little moments that make life big. Each day poses a question to answer - something to reflect on or, as cleverly suggested by Michelle, something to inspire and lead my day down a lovely new path.

Today is the 3 January 2015.



What three words best describe your day?


ProductiveToday I got lost in my online banking, sorted scary financial stuff out and shredded receipts from November-ish that have been spilling out of a Liberty carrier bag and making feel me like a proper hoarder. It was a thankless, dull but necessary task. I have a clear head! I also have no money. However, I did budget for these gorgeous new kicks from & Other Stories. Now that's what I call Sensible Financial Planning.

NourishingThanks to the brilliant (painful) concept of Dry January and the adept cooking skills of my husband Alex, I consumed healthy, wholesome foods that hopefully will nourish my body and soul - including pomegranate, kiwi and plum, aubergine with mint, greek yoghurt, coconut water and peppermint and licorice tea. (My inner naughty side is sneering, stuffing millionaire's shortbread down my gob and quaffing prosecco).

LocalToday I hung out around my own neck of the woods, rather than venturing into the big smoke. I walked from E17 to the village like Wanstead which is fab and not far from Walthamstow via Eagle Pond. I discovered  The Larder where I ate a smashing plate full of hummus, sun-dried tomato, olive and crunchy seed salad, prepared just the way I like my salads - plentiful, substantial, with no ingredients scrimped on. Not a limp lettuce in sight, and a greedy portion of hummus to boot. Lovely.

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