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Our designs are big, bold and brash… and sometimes subtle and understated. I try to match the feel and energy I get from the band's music with my design for their poster. A good gig poster should sum up that band, at that gig, at that point in time.

Chris Hopewell (Poster Designer)

Roaming around Latitude Festival recently in between acts, I stumbled across Jacknife Posters who were in residence with their incredible display of gig posters. It was a fortuitous discovery as the prints blew me away.

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Bristol based Jacknife Posters, formed in 2006, design and produce stunning hand silk screen printed gig and tour posters using superlative paper and inks. Each poster is a guaranteed one-off, signed and individually numbered by the designer, which renders them immediately unique and collectable.

Whether bold and vibrant or subtle and modest, each poster is incredibly striking and I spent ages flicking through the designs on show. Whether you are into rock or indie music or not (I am), the graphic sophistication teamed with splashes of juxtaposed colour and awesome typography will snatch your attention. The female characters are fierce, irrepressible heroines captured flawlessly by the designers.

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 I have my eye on this Queens of the Stone Age print from Primavera, Barcelona on 29 May 2014. If you're a band, manager, or promoter and you like what you see, then Jacknife may design something for you. You lucky things.

These are posters for art and music lovers everywhere and officially my new obsession.

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