On Tuesday 28 May 2013 two of my closest friends got married.

They kindly asked me to write a reading for their ceremony which I had the nervous honour of reading to them and the assembled guests on the day.

They have given their permission for me to share it on my blog.

I hope you like it.


When boy meets girl and an unremarkable day suddenly becomes extraordinary   When friendship becomes something more and that something more becomes emphatic love You realise it was there all along, it was meant to be The spark becomes brighter and you want to spend every available moment Together   Surrounded by your closest friends and enveloped in their company You gravitate only towards one other, held by an irresistible pull Her laugh is the only sound you hear amplified above the noise The room may be full but it is just the two of you alone Together   During heady June days of rock and roll love Laughing in the warm sienna sunlight and surrendering to the electric night When the guitar plays its final chord and the crowds begin to fade You are there, kissing under the violet starry sky Together   As time passes and different interests may keep you apart You realise that every step you take is only for the other Like actors in your own production, you play a supporting part to the other's lead role One writes the words, the other composes the music and you create a beautiful masterpiece Together   Over time your feelings intensify, they are insurmountable You say to each other you have my heart, but deep down you know they always had it, right from the start You make plans for the future, to say I do and a beautiful spring wedding is ready to bloom From this moment on you are ready to commit to your life Together   There is at times a magic in true love You lay bare all of your hopes, dreams and fears in the light and the dark You will always laugh, sometimes you may cry But you never have to be lonely, never afraid   Together   With the love that you share and the closeness that protects you both You can take on the world, you are invincible Discover the unknown, carve out your new favourite place Experience more firsts and jump; you've got someone to catch you. The possibilities ahead are endless simply because you can do them Together

So now your special day is here, you are about to begin a road trip full of new adventures Creating memories from real things that will last forever There are no endings, just exciting beginnings Stepping into the days ahead, it is time to find out where the story goes next Together