The most important dress of my life

It is a more sprightly return to blogging I am delighted to say - and with both hands too. It’s been a whole eight months since I last put word to screen which although is really frustrating in many ways, is mostly indicative of how eventful things have been. There are too many things to mention right now and so it is reassuring to know that I have some material to keep me blogging for the weeks and months ahead as I leave a memorable summer behind. Besides, I am so excited about writing again, that words are literally tumbling out of my brain and on to my lap top and so I’m trying to keep up with myself.

To begin is to momentarily return to April 2010, the 30th to be precise. A funny but wonderful thing happened on the way to being 32. My boyfriend, Alex, decided for an inexplicable reason that he wanted to be married to me and went about giving me the day of my life so far – The Proposal Day. Without hesitation I said yes. I am now engaged. It is time to plan.

It was brought to light this week that a very important decision is to be made. Four people, separately and without prompting, asked me if I had started looking for my dress. THE dress.

The answer of course is a resonating, rather worrying no. Not even considered it for a millisecond. Not even picked up a bridal magazine. Not even thought about it for one iota of a minute. It is easy to blame this lack of consideration on a demanding job, a busy life just like the rest of us, general lack of time, and being far too excited about my sister's wedding,

But the truth is... I am terrified. I do not know where to start. I feel more at ease having three changes of clothes if on holiday or away for the weekend. Per day. I constantly fill my head, notebooks, and eyes with images of delicious fashion but having to decide what to wear on my wedding day feels truly unmanageable. I do not know what to wear on a daily basis let alone on The Day. I am lost.

So I decided it was time for a little inspiration. I dream of Balenciaga, but my budget sits more firmly in the real world. However, that doesn’t mean I cannot take inspiration from some other blushing brides to get the creative bridal juices flowing.

Here are some of my favourite sources of inspiration.

It is a good start. I’m still none the wiser and I can’t put it off any longer, but let the exciting, but scary, search begin.

I have everything crossed that I get it right.