Photo Credit: Rachel Lipsitz

Photo Credit: Rachel Lipsitz


Hello, I'm Nicola and I love to write.

I am a freelance writer specialising in Fashion, Music and Lifestyle and I am never more content than when on my laptop pretending in a retro way to be Carrie Bradshaw (my photo does not currently appear on the 257 bus to Leytonstone, as far as I know).

Material Whirl is the platform where I capture the thoughts / ideas / memories and visuals that swirl around in my head and where I also share my appreciation for design and literature.

I am a contributing writer for RockShot Mag and work with a number of successful businesses, PR companies, artists and record labels. You can find examples of my published work in the Published Work section, funnily enough. 

Behind the scenes I’m writer, editor, picture researcher, events organiser, tagger, Instagram’er and tea-maker - so it's truly mine. I only feature content on Material Whirl that I genuinely like and that aligns with my interests, morals and beliefs. My opinions are unbiased and genuine and rather than write a bad article I just won’t write it at all; so if I don’t like something, it won’t feature.

I don’t claim any credit for any images posted on this site unless specified. I fully recognise that images on this website are copyright to the respectful owner who probably strived hard to find the perfect shot. If you see an image appearing on Material Whirl and you think 'hold up, that belongs to me!’, please email me with a link to the image and it’ll be gone before you know it -  I will wilfully comply.

All the words and some of the images are mine, so don’t reproduce them without speaking to me first please, thanks.

I am a great fan of collaborations so please get in touch or complete the form below - it'll be lovely to hear from you. 

Thanks for being part of the Whirl.


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