A Sentence A Day - 9 February 2015

IMG_9186-0 In 2015 I will be writing a Sentence a Day. You can read more about why here.

Today is the 9 February 2015.


What would your perfect day look like?


*Caveat - there would be 48 hours in my perfect day, and world time zones and money have no relevance, just so we're clear*

After an early morning run in the Stow and having tea-eggs-avocado-toast from The Breakfast Club while reading Vogue, the house would auto-clean itself as I published a blog post that broke the internet and then I'd cut a dash to Selhurst Park to witness Palace win the Premiership; quickly changing into something new from Chloé and after some soul-nourishing cuddles from my nephews, ALL my family and friends from across the world would arrive in London and we'd do, see, eat and drink everything this great city has to offer before falling into our own private pub in Shoreditch for music, laughter and dancing and a private performance from the Foo Fighters before the arrival of a black cab to safely deposit me and Alex back home as the sun came up and we'd watch the entire Season 3 of House of Cards in bed before doing it all over again tomorrow.

Everyone would be happy, healthy and here and I'd be so glad I spent it with them.