A Sentence A Day - 9 January 2015


In 2015 I will be writing a Sentence a Day. You can read more about why here.

Today is the 9 January 2015.



Who inspires you?


I'm inspired by many people in the literary, music and fashion worlds, but they are completely blown out of the water by my amazing parents; they've worked tirelessly in their lives to provide me and my sisters with everything we could ever want and are selfless, caring, tolerant, patient, kind, loving and hugely positive people and devoted grandparents. 

Roy and Linda, you rock. If I can be half as inspirational as you then I've done a good job in life.

Thank you for all the good times had and those to come and for making me laugh all the time even when you don't mean to be funny - like your first foray into online food shopping recently, when you chatted warmly to the delivery man for about ten minutes because you're so sociable and lovely and had a good old chuckle with each other when you realised you'd ordered 28 toilet rolls instead of 8 after some over zealous clicking.