It’s me, Nicola.

Blogger. Fashion devotee. Style enthusiast. Music lover. Fashion magazine hoarder. Foo Fighter. Runner. Dreamer. Bookworm. Laura Palmer-wanabee. Crystal Palace FC supporting South Londoner. Resident of Walthamstow, E17, London Town.


Online of course!

For all enquiries please get in touch with my PA (erm, me) –


I have a proper day-time job in People Management that keeps me super busy but I absolutely LOVE to read and write. Have done since I was a nipper - writing just makes me really happy. I squish blogging into any spare time I have and I’m never more content than sat at my laptop pretending to be Carrie Bradshaw (my photo does not currently appear on the 257 bus to Leytonstone, as far as I know) or tapping away on my gadgets whilst on the move. You’ll find me writing in cafés, pubs, bars and people’s front rooms early in the morning or late at night. I feel a bit weepy without Wi-Fi. I can write for hours. I really should get more sleep.


My blog started as a A Collection of Thoughts in 2010 and slowly but surely evolved into Material Whirl in 2012. It was intended to be only a fashion blog, but instead became the platform where I capture my adventures in London life and the thoughts, ideas, memories and visuals that constantly swirl around in my head. Hence the title. (Oh, and yes it’s meant to sound a bit like Material Girl. I’m an unabashed Madonna fan-girl you see).

Material Whirl is where I share my appreciation for fashion, photography, music and literature. My obsession with style knows no bounds. I’m an intrepid traveller and so my blog is also my travel diary, but although I’ve traversed the globe and lived on the other side of the world, my heart belongs to London. Maybe it’s because I’m a Londoner, born and bred, that I love London town.

I believe feminism is not a dirty word and wish women and men would be nicer to each other and we’d stop valuing looks over brains. I love a good old debate, and often write pieces about life and issues that matter to everyone. Go right ahead and comment on my posts and add your bit to the mix - everyone has a valid opinion. Apart from silly Trolls. They are not welcome here. I am only inspired by smart people who are kind to each other.

Material Whirl started off as a hobby. My first ever post was written with the use of just one hand (due to a wrist break - pesky ice) which meant I had to sit still for longer than five minutes. Slowly but surely things started to develop in a really good way. I’ve been lucky enough to review some smashing gigs for Jazz FM, interview and meet talented musicians and participated in some brilliant fashion competitions, meeting some lovely-and-not-at-all-scary fashion peeps along the way. Not meaning to be a show off, honest - no one likes a smart alec; but it’s taken a lot of hard graft, being brave and chatting to people I admire and long nights with only a Diet Coke for company to get there. But, goodness, it was worth it. I hope you think so.

It's not perfect. Sometimes I get it wrong and bark up the wrong tree. If there’s a spelling mistake, tell me off - there’s no excuse with spellcheck these days. But it’s only me, myself and I behind the scenes - I’m writer, editor, picture researcher, events organiser, tagger, tweeter and tea-maker - so it's truly mine.


As a blogger I am fortunate from time to time to receive some great samples and products to review and feature and I also receive some really lovely emails. I never, ever take it for granted - I never forget where I came here from, I never pretend that it’s all real.

So, I promise I will only feature stuff on Material Whirl that I really, truthfully like and that aligns with my interests, morals and beliefs. My opinions are always unbiased and genuine and although I’m naturally a chipper person I do believe in karma and definitely do not believe in ruining someone’s livelihood. So rather than write a bad review I just won’t write it at all; if I don’t like something, it won’t feature. Simple.

I welcome posts from guest bloggers so do get in touch if you like what you read and let's have a chat. I’m not that interested in boosting celebrities to be honest. Apart from Dave Grohl. If Dave wants to chat, I will most definitely, absolutely be persuaded. To date I have never been paid a penny for a blog post, I do it for the, do it for the, do it for the love. If this changes, and new things happen, like adverts and stuff, you’ll be the first to know.

I don’t claim any credit for any images posted on this site unless noted. I fully recognise that images on this blog are copyright to the respectful owner who probably strived hard to find the perfect shot. If you see an image appearing on Material Whirl and you think 'hold up, that belongs to me!’, please do email me with a link to the image and it’ll be gone before you know it. I will wilfully comply and take this very seriously.

All the words and my own images (where stated) are mine, all mine. Please don’t reproduce them without speaking to me first. That’s just rude.

Right, it’s time to say goodbye now. Please do come and say hi again, it’s been lovely to have you.