Ah, fashion. My great love. My escape from the quotidien.

You’ve been overlooked recently what with some terrific music opportunities and my attentions turned to whether full-belly or demi-belly maternity jeans are the most snug and offer maximum coverage – rather than what’s exciting and progressive.

Temporarily neglected, perhaps, but never replaced. I still get the same giddy sense of excitement when I clap my eyes on some magnificent fashion. This time it was Karl Lagerfeld, and his Chanel Spring/Summer 2016 Couture show in Paris, that had my heart all a flutter.

Cara and her puppy Leo on the FROW, the new breed of supers in Gigi, Bella and Kendall-form and an entirely recyclable wooden eco-structure on the Grand Palais complete with manicured lawns and a lily pond were all good and well, and perfect Insta-fodder. But for me it’s the clothes. Always the clothes.

The collection featured a muted and elegant palette of ivory, my absolute favourite colour taupe, mushroom and navy. There were dirndl skirts and a more voluminous take on the Chanel bouclé two-piece suit we all know and love (AND REALLY WANT BUT WILL NEVER HAVE) with a classic fitted jacket and over-sized elliptical sleeves. Models, including Edie Campbell and Lindsey Wixson, wore stunning dresses pared with billowing capes twinkling with rhinestones and some had sleeves embellished with feathered bees and applique petals.

_CHA0031_426x639 _CHA1089_426x639

For me, the show stopper was worn by Kendall Jenner, a floor-length sculptural black gown with elegant lace layers that showcased the shoulders.


Accessories included wooden-soled wedges, a nod to the surrounding eco-structure, and hair beautifully rolled into a style that was, apparently, inspired by a Picasso sculpture. Makeup was dramatic with double liner in an elaborate shape.

_AG14875_426x639_AG14892_426x639 _AG15048_426x639 _AG15817_426x639

Glittering, enduring and classy.

A world away from maternity jeans, but comfort must prevail. For now…



  1. Jo 28th January 2016 / 9:19 am

    Great piece Nic .. But you carry off mat jeans with style and finesse x

    • Nicola 31st January 2016 / 10:09 am

      Ah, thank you so much Jo xx

  2. Linda greenbrook 1st February 2016 / 2:39 pm

    Enjoyed reading this piece, loved the photographs.

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